Beth Ercolini has excelled as an Employee Benefit Advisor for nearly 30 years and has extensive benefits and compliance knowledge. Beth has been a Vice President at several major consulting/brokerage firms and has decided to take this expertise and create "Beth Ercolini Consulting", a boutique firm specializing in comprehensive Human Resources consulting and ACA/ERISA reporting.  Beth will partner with you and your Human Resources team to negotiate and communicate competitive comprehensive benefits, ease the burden of benefits administration, provide compliance reporting and ensure you are kept up-to-date on HR legislative requirements.
Beth Ercolini’s Credentials

Beth Ercolini started her professional career as an underwriter for MetLife and quickly progressed
into management. Beth went to the broker/consultant side of the business after five years.  She started her consulting career as a technical/financial consultant and after excelling at that aspect she extended herself to all aspects of employee benefits consulting.  In her years as a benefit advisor, Beth was a Vice President of Employee Benefits at several national consulting firms: Marsh; Mercer; USI; Arlen Group; Alliant; and Ascension before starting her own business in f
all of 2015.

Beth has a large range of skills and expertise including but not limited to the following:

  • Employee Benefits Consulting
  • Benefits Communication
  • Healthcare Underwriting and Financial Modeling
  • Health Care Reform Consulting
  • ACA IRS Compliance
  • ERISA Plan Documentation
  • Health Savings Accounts
  • Benefits Administration
  • HR Trusted Advisor

  Testimonials for Beth Ercolini
"We have had the privilege of working with Beth Ercolini for the past 16 years.  She has brought to us a wide breath of knowledge which enabled us to make educated decisions on our welfare plans.   Her passion and commitment to her clients has brought us new approaches to the same challenges resulting in us being able to provide the best plans to our employees and their families while containing costs." Kimberly Burk, Director Human Resources, Intevac, Inc. 

"Beth Ercolini has provided outstanding support to myself and Intevac for over 15  years.  Beth’s collaboration with Human Resources went beyond an Insurance Brokerage and client relationship, she became an integral part of our team.  Her expertise on legislation changes, plan design and on how to reduce cost enabled us to reach our corporate goals while maintaining the market competitive offerings to our employees."  Kris Basl, Senior Human Resources Business Partner, Intevac, Inc.

  "In working with Beth for 2 years at Ascension, her dedication  to clients and attention to detail truly made her stand out. In  this ever-changing world of employee benefits compliance, she  always made sure her clients knew exactly what affected them  in a timely manner and then took the time to model the  current and future impact to their organization. These qualities  will definitely help her in her current role at Beth Ercolini  Consulting. I highly recommend Beth to any organization  looking for employee benefits consulting services."  Ed Bray, JD,  MBA, Sr. VP Compliance, Ascension

Beth provided excellent detailed financial projections and cost sharing scenarios. Often, she was asked to create numerous versions or summaries and was creative with ideas for changes to help us meet company goals. The data presented to the executive team for review and decision making was always complete and concise.  Margaret Bolla, Benefits Manager

​“Great! Thanks for all of your help Beth. We will certainly be in  touch if anything comes up. It’s June, but we got there- I’m glad  that we had you to rely so heavily on. Your patience was  appreciated.” Kiera, Benefits Manager